Why & How Christians Should Celebrate Halloween - Do's, Don'ts

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Spooky movies, creepy desserts, scary and overly sexy costumes!
How is one supposed to be a Christian during this most challenging season, Halloween, and not feel guilty?

Caution! ... FUN read ahead :)
Food for thought from our chats 

with boolievers and non-boolievers.

It's best to simply hide in your house, dim the interior lights, turn off the porch lights and pretend you aren't home on Halloween right?

It's easy to be a Christian during the warm and fuzzy seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. You basically get a free pass because these are historically Christian celebration seasons. Everyone is focused on giving, loving and spreading kind words of hope ... including commercials, retailers and non-believers. So there's really not a lot of work for you to do in spreading God's message. You do your good deeds, hand-out meals, presents, and enjoy all the fun festivities. Ahhh ... such a wonderful time of year to be a Christian! 👐 💛 

But what about Halloween? 
Doesn't this season deserve your love and compassion just like the other wonderful seasons?

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You probably think it's best to simply hide in your house, dim the interior lights, turn off the porch lights and pretend you are not home on Halloween right? 

Nope! Halloween is the time for believers to be the light, not turn out the light. This is not the time to turn your back to others who don't believe what you believe ... especially during a season that is not commercialized for love, giving and spreading kind words. Instead the overall messaging is filled with dark tones and often encourages loneliness, sadness and celebrates evil behavior. Yikes! 

This is the time to engage in community, especially with those who are lost and searching for hope and self-value. Being a Christian is not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to challenge us to continually strive to become a better and better version of our imperfect selves, by doing things that make us uncomfortable in order to grow in our faith and closer to God. 

Scary? Yes, but in a good way ... remember the fun fictional story of The Grinch? How his heart grew immensely bigger and he became a believer because he was shown love by the sweetest gal, even after his grinchy ways? (1) 💗 🎄 

If you only love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them ... ~ Luke 6:32

This is your time to have fun with others and to show love and compassion. There are people who need your kindness. They may feel uncomfortable around all the darkness and your presence could bring them warmth and comfort. So, don't be afraid to go out and enjoy being around people and activities. This is an opportunity for you to share your faith when others ask questions of curiosity about Christianity during Halloween season. Your conversations may change someone's life ... and the negative stigma and assumptions about Christians during this time of year. 

So go out this season and have fun! Be the light.

Enjoy harvest festivals, great food, parties, dressing in costumes, and yes ... Christians should enjoy Halloween night! 🎃 

Here Are A few Fun Tips We Gathered from boolievers & non-boolievers to share with others :)

Be kind, sensitive and loving

  1. Don't - Preach or shame people who are non-believers or believers about how dark and evil Halloween is.
    > No one likes to be scolded or told they are a bad person making bad decisions.
  2. Don't - Gossip and make judgements towards those who like celebrating Halloween and enjoy all the creepiness.
    > Negative gossip is toxic and one day it will spread about you when you make a mistake or do something one does not agree with (and you will).
  3. Don't - Hand out bibles, bible verse notes, crosses and other religious tokens in place of candy on Halloween night.
    > Sorry, but this is a sure way to "scare" people away and upset the kiddies! Kids want candy! Remember when you were a kid and someone gave you fruit instead of candy? Bet you never went back to that house again! 😆 
  4. Don't - Decorate your yard with signs that say Halloween is evil and for devil worshippers.
    > Wow, for sure you will "scare" people away and sadly no one will want to come to your house for Halloween or any other season.
  5. Don't - Tell people they will go to the "dark place" one day for celebrating Halloween.
    > There's only one person who will make that decision and it's not you.

Extra > Don't - Put a sign out that reads "out of candy".

Unless you are really out of candy, don't put a sign out to avoid trick or treaters by saying you are out of candy. Instead, open the door, say hello and apologize for being out of candy. Don't forget to compliment the kiddies on how great they look in their costumes. They worked hard to pick a costume and your compliments are remembered far longer than the missing candy ... lol!

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faith over fear - this is your time to shine :)

  1. Do - Enjoy the festivities and parties. People will be surprised and so happy to see you.
    > Others will feel comfort in knowing you support them as a Christian friend or neighbor. They will be more likely to attend one of your events in the future, even if you do not share the same beliefs.
  2. Do - Decorate your yard for Halloween season with Fall decorations. This is always so warm and welcoming.
    > Use this time to share the beauty of the Autumn season. Decorate with warm and inviting decorations like hay bales, happy-face pumpkins, sunflowers and battery-operated candles to light your doorway. No need for goblins, witches and other spooky decor to be fun!
  3. Do - Hand out candy on Halloween night please!
    > This is your night to shine the brightest and engage with others. Show your love and kindness. Smile, compliment costumes, and simply say thank you when someone says they love your SONflower Gal faith-based seasonal fashions ... such a fun way to engage in light conversation about your faith!
  4. Do - Engage. Be Sensitive. Invite others to your home.
    > Halloween season is a great time to engage with non-believers. Be sensitive to one's beliefs, but be proud to share what you believe. Let's get rid of the stuffy, boring, judgmental Christian stigma during this time of year. Make this an opportunity to invite others to your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving and/or Christmas season. You never know who may be alone and in need of your love and friendship. And yes, they too may become a BOOliever one day :)
  5. Do - Bring meals, sweet treats, and other delicious goodies to others. People love food.
    > Yes, this is a great season to give. Meals and treats are always welcomed and what a great way to bring joy to someone after a long hard day at work, exhaustion from the kiddies, or a difficult time in their life. You are sure to bring a smile to one's face! Pumpkin bread, butternut squash soup, apple cider ... yum yum yum! 

Extra > Do - Dress up in fun, inspirational faith-based apparel 

Whether your baking treats, shopping for goodies, having lunch with friends, enjoy the pumpkin patch, parties and so much more ... take every opportunity to wear your favorite seasonal fashions with faith-based messaging.

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