Sprinkling LOVE Into The World Thru Fashion

Our Fashion Vision & Mission

Born out of a pledge to raise money for compassion projects, SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® is more than a brand, we are a ministry—spinkling God's love, hope and encouragement.

🌼 Our Mission is to Bridge Fashion with Faith-Based Messaging and Compassion—Donating up to 50% of our net profits.

Our 3-IN-1 Faith Pledge

Boutique-Style Fashion

Different from traditional graphic apparel, our fashions are figure-friendly, soft fabrics, have stylish details, and are designed to be anything but ordinary—exclusive and limited quantities.

Faith-Based Messaging

A reminder of God's never-ending love, our fashions & gifts are designed with creative faith messaging—sprinkling joy, love, encouragement and biblical wisdom. Our in-house team creates exclusive graphic designs.

Compassion Giving Fund

Up to 50% of our net profits are placed into our Giving Fund. Thru our Giving Fund, we donate and sponsor nonprofits locally/globally—while providing much needed prayer & hope to lift up all God's children.

Our Story ~ Still Being Written

He has a plan, a time, a season and a reason. When He calls you to move in a way that is unexpected, you move. You go towards what you cannot see, in faith. Hope ~ Founder, Visionary, Designer, Believer

Born Out of a Pledge to Raise Money

The dream for SONflower Gal was envisioned over 25 years ago, but like most people, I was waiting for the perfect time. Often the fear of the unknown (and life) would put my dream on hold. What was I waiting for? In the Fall of 2018, I had a major push (kick) from God and a message of faith and trust ... WOW!

I made a pledge to raise money for a faith campaign as I had done in the past, but this time was different. I super-sized my pledge, got home and thought, "Oh my goodness, how am I ever going to raise this money?" I clearly heard God tell me, "You know exactly how you are going to do it, no more waiting." A month later, SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® was born ... and the compassion mission continues.

Why Boutique-Style Fashion?

Like many women, I have never been a fan of unisex apparel. It feels boxy and unflattering on my body. I love some of the graphic designs I come across on apparel, but there's rarely anything fashionable. There's a void in the marketplace, so I took on the challenge to bridge fashion with faith-based messaging.

Changing the Stigma of Graphic Apparel

Unisex, boxy, or unflattering, is the stigma related to traditional graphic apparel. Bridging fun fashion with graphic messaging removes the stigma. YES, graphic apparel can be stylish, chic, fun and flattering! Can you give me an 'Amen!' :)

Our Story ~ Is His Story

This brand is dedicated to all the courageous women who pursue their dreams today and in the future without fear—and for walking in faith towards the unknown. Our story is His story, and for every gal who seeks HIM thru all seasons.

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed ~John 20:29

sonflower Gal®

Thru All Seasons

"I look up & seek You thru all seasons of my life ... without You my petals wither & fall. When I soak up your glorious SON, I blossom & flourish into the beautiful SONflower Gal You uniquely designed me to be." ©

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