"We are not boring. We are not perfect. We are not one size fits all :)"


"We are perfectly imperfect ... dreamers, visionaries, designers, writers, fashion lovers, ambassadors and 'the village'. We are believers uniquely created by His design :)"

Our Vision & Fashion Mission

"Beyond your basic unisex tshirt, our fashion vision & mission is to 'Spread His Love & Look Fashionably Cute'! We bridge chic fun fashions with faith-based messaging and embellishments. Messaging that spreads joy, love, encouragement, biblical wisdom, and a little bit of pop-culture fun! :) "

Our Blessed Curves

"We believe and understand that 'One Size Does Not Fit All'! ... there are no boxy unisex tshirts in our collections. Our fashions are figure-friendly, soft fabrics, have stylish details, and are designed to flatter your God-given female curves.

Our Heart To Go Beyond

"Born out of a pledge to raise money for at-risk-kids, SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® is more than just a faith-based brand, we have a BIG Heart To Go Beyond! We donate *10% of gross sales, *20% of gross sales thru FUNraising Partnerships, and up to *50% of our net profits to compassion projects locally & globally."

Our SONflower Gal Name

"The amazing sunflower survives by soaking up the sun. It follows the sun's movement all day ... and withers and falls in the darkness. Believers also need to soak up the SON to survive. Without the SON, we wither and fall into darkness. SONflower Gals seek the glorious SON thru all seasons :)"

Our SONflower Gal 'Village'

" Yes, it takes a village. A village of talent, listeners, learners, doers, models ... and a shoulder to lean on thru this wonderful and unpredictable journey. "

Hope ~ Founder, Visionary, Designer ~ Director of Marketing, Brand Development, Fashions, Outreach & Business Operations

Gen ~ Assistant Director of Operations, Inventory, Customer Support & Events Ambassador

Linda ~ Events Assistant, Model & Ambassador

Dedra ~ Assistant, Model & Events Ambassador

Lorraine ~ FUNraising Ambassador & Coordinator

Corrine ~ FUNraising Ambassador & Coordinator

Ari ~ Lead Model, Photoshoot Assistant Advisor & Ambassador

Nicole ~ Tik Tok Ambassador & Model

Cheryl ~ Events Ambassador & Model

Jada ~ Events Ambassador & Model

Rachel ~ Model & Ambassador

Desi ~ Model & Ambassador

God has a plan, a time, a season and a reason. When He calls you to move in a way that is unexpected, you move. You go towards what you cannot see, in faith ...

sonflower gal founder
2 COR. 5:7

Our Story ~ Is HIS Story

"The dream and idea for SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® was envisioned over 25 years ago, but like most people, I was waiting for the perfect time and often fear of the unknown would get the best of me. My dream was put on hold again and again.
What was I waiting for?

In 2018, with a clear message from God
{actually a major push from God}
and a pledge to support compassion projects,
SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® was officially launched.

This brand is dedicated to all the courageous women who pursue their dreams today and in the future without fear,
and for walking in faith towards the unknown.

Our Story is HIS Story ...
and for every gal who seeks HIM thru all seasons."

Hope ~ Founder, Visionary, Designer


sonflower Gal®

Thru All Seasons

"I look up & seek You thru all seasons of my life ... without You my petals wither & fall ... when I soak up your glorious SON I blossom & flourish into the beautiful SONflower Gal You uniquely designed me to be." ©




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