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Vision, Fashion Mission, Compassion & Our Story :)


Just like the amazing sunflower that survives and thrives by soaking up the sun, SONflower Gals seek the son thru all seasons of life, good or bad. Like the sunflower, without the son, we wither and fall. The son is the light that brings us joy and hope! Whether you are a believer, seeker, or somewhere in between, we hope our faith-based brand brings a little sonshine and happiness to your day ... while you look fashionably cute! :)

Our Vision & Fashion Mission

We want to change how you think and feel about faith-based graphic apparel! Whenever we hear someone say they don't like graphic apparel, it's almost always because they don't like how unisex styles look on their bodies. Our fashion mission is to go beyond your basic unisex boxy t-shirt or hoodie. We "bridge boutique-style fun fashions with faith-based messaging" ... exclusive creative messaging that spreads joy, love, encouragement, biblical wisdom, and a little bit of pop-culture fun! :)


We believe and understand that 'One Size Does Not Fit All'! Our fashions are figure-friendly, soft fabrics, have stylish details, and are designed to be anything but ordinary. Our in-house team creates exclusive graphic designs in partnership with local/global artisans and fashion designers. You are sure to find something you will LOVE! :)

Our Heart To Go Beyond

Born out of a pledge to raise money for compassion projects, SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® is more than just a faith-based brand. With a BIG Heart To Go Beyond, we donate up to *50% of net profits thru online sales, live events, FUNraising Partnerships, sponsorships, donations, and compassion projects locally & globally.

Learn More About Giving Back

He has a plan, a time, a season and a reason. When He calls you to move in a way that is unexpected, you move. You go towards what you cannot see, in faith ...

sonflower gal founder
created for women by women

our story ~ still being written

the fashion challenge

As an entrepreneur, designer and visionary, I have always had a love of fun fashion and I love how artistic words can be powerful, inspirational and bring joy and hope to others. I see fun graphic designs on tshirts everywhere, but it is usually a basic unisex tshirt. Unisex tshirts tend to be boxy and unflattering on my body and a fitted tshirt brings its own challenges. So many gals I know feel the same way. We cut the tshirts and add fashion details to make them cool, cute and flattering! Hmm ... I need to create a line of graphic apparel with fun fashions one day! :)

changing how you feel & think about graphic apparel

Again and again, I hear gals say "I don't like graphic apparel, it's not my thing!". But is it the graphic or the apparel? That's what I began asking and gals would overwhelming say it was the apparel. I see a really cute top and my creative brain says, "Oh that would be such a great top with faith-based messaging on it! I need to change how women think and feel about graphic apparel!" Hmm ... I need to bridge boutique-style fashion with faith-based messaging one day!

dream becomes a reality ~ Fall 2018

The dream for SONflower Gal was envisioned over 25 years ago, but like most people, I was waiting for the perfect time. Often the fear of the unknown (and life) would put my dream on hold. What was I waiting for? In the Fall of 2018, I had a major push from God and a message of faith and trust ... WOW! Born out of a pledge to support compassion projects, SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® was beta launched in the Fall of 2018 and officially launched in early Spring 2019.


Yes, gals & guys stop me and our team when we are wearing the SONflower Gal apparel! Gals want one, plus a gift for others, and guys want to buy one for the gals in their life. It brings us joy to see the excitement in others when they discover our brand and how excited they are to share our fun fashions with faith-based words of inspiration and hope. There have been several hurdles to overcome (remember 2020-21), but YOU (our supporters) MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT!

our story ~ is his story

This brand is dedicated to all the courageous women who pursue their dreams today and in the future without fear, and for walking in faith towards the unknown. Our story is His story ... and for every gal who seeks HIM thru all seasons.

Hope ~ Founder, Visionary, Designer, Believer :)

sonflower Gal®

Thru All Seasons

"I look up & seek You thru all seasons of my life ... without You my petals wither & fall. When I soak up your glorious SON, I blossom & flourish into the beautiful SONflower Gal You uniquely designed me to be." ©

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