Our Story ~ HIS Story

The idea for SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion™ was envisioned over 25 years ago when I experienced a lack of figure-friendly and fashionable Christian messaging apparel for women. There was fun graphic messaging on apparel, but often the apparel style was unisex one-size-fits-all ... basically a man-woman shirt. I had a dream and passion to change this, but like most people, I was waiting for the perfect time and often fear would get the best of me. My dream was put on hold again and again. What was I waiting for?

God has a plan, a time, a season and a reason. When He calls you to move in a way that is unexpected, you move. You go towards what you cannot see, in faith ...

In May 2018, with a clear message from God ... actually a major push from God ... and a faith pledge to raise funds towards compassion projects for At-Risk-Kids, my vision came to fruition. SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion™ brand was officially launched to the public on August 31, 2018.

This brand is dedicated to all the courageous women who pursue their dreams today and in the future without fear, and for walking in faith towards the unknown.

Our Story is HIS Story ... and for every gal who seeks HIM thru all seasons.

Hope Nixon
~ Founder, Visionary, Designer