Necklace - Readiness - A Love Like Bithiah

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Necklace - Readiness - A Love Like Bithiah

$39.00 Regular price $23.40
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This necklace will have you feeling ready for anything life has to offer! A scripture-based design, with beautiful artwork and a quality hand-stamped Valerian flower, this necklace is perfect for showing your faith and giving back. With a ready heart, say "yes" to all life has to offer - Readiness - A Love Like Bithiah! 
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Readiness - A Love Like Bithiah

God is always working on our hearts, stirring us and making us ready for the plans that He has for us. If we follow and remain connected to Him, He will lead us to the perfect time and place to pursue the purpose that we were created for. 

The Pharoah's daughter had a ready heart that felt compassion for Moses when she saw him floating down the river, and took him in as her own.

This flower means readiness. like bithiah who was made ready by God to take on the plans he had for her.

Necklace & Scripture Card Details:

  • 16mm 20g disc with a beautiful heliotrope floral stamped into it.
  • Beautiful Quality: 14kt gold plated.
  • Length: 18" Inches.
  • Hand-Stamped: Valerian flower.
  • Artwork: Created by illustrator Liana Lane
  • Lasting CareAvoid water, showering, etc. Use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning after wearing to remove smudges and surface dirt. 
Made in the USA by our blessed partners at Dear Heart.
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